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More Case Histories Reviews and Interviews.

Some great previews of episodes 3 and 4 of Case Histories (One Good Turn), screening later today on BBC in the UK.

Another impressive review in the Express:

"There was also a thread of vigilantism in Case Histories (BBC1, Sunday and Monday), the best new drama on the BBC for some time. As with Injustice, the performances helped to make this a compelling watch. Jason Isaacs, whom I can’t not think of as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter, turned on the magic as Jackson Brodie, a private detective."

Another one from The Guardian:

"It was only a matter of time before Jason Isaacs won his promotion to officially approved national lust object, up from that odd limbo of "necessary equivocation". That limbo wherein, when a husband/boyfriend asks, half-grudgingly, from a half-cuddle on the sofa: "D'you think that guy's good-looking, then?", his wife/girlfriend would by law have to shrug: "That one there? S'pose so, hadn't really noticed…" while quietly trying to flense her own thumbs with the cheese knife, force herself to wonder about the best next chairman of the IMF… anything to avoid shuggling forward on hands and knees to actually lick the TV screen with lust."

And Jason was on BBC Radio 4 "Loose Ends" with Clive Anderson.

Another embarrassment of riches with thanks to Kim and Isaacsettes on Twitter.

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